Food Delivery Trolleys

Our priority at Burlodge is to provide food delivery trolleys that enhance the efficiency of food service to ensure every meal is delivered at its optimal temperature and that every client is absolutely satisfied.
Our food delivery trolleys operate in hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, prisons and care homes.
Whether your establishment regenerates frozen, cold or hot meals individually or in multi-portion containers, Burlodge is able to offer you the best food delivery trolley to suit your needs.


Together, we work.

It’s a pledge and a promise to our customers. Cooperation, interaction, teamwork – however you best identify with the idea, Burlodge believes strength comes from forging great working relationships. We actively involve ourselves at all levels of client operations and promote an ongoing dialogue for the life span of our partnership. For some manufacturers that conversation stops once the sale is complete. Not Burlodge. From the decision makers who invest in our equipment to frontline staff who trust in our workmanship to perform day-to-day, meal-after-meal, our aim is to connect our expertise with your staff. Together, we work as one towards the common goal of streamlining operations, providing excellent nutrition and putting smiles on your clients’ faces.



Every day millions of people entrust thousands of our hospital clients to serve them a perfectly heated or chilled meal.So, every day we manufacture food regeneration and distribution equipment that performs beyond expectations.

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Meal service is often one of the most anticipated times at long term care facilities. Residents look forward to a healthy, delicious meal – served with confidence.At Burlodge, we understand that a meal can brighten a day, encourage a smile and truly make a difference – each and every day.

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Burlodge understands that providing healthy and delicious meals in a learning environment is essential for success.Burlodge offers commitment, experience and talented people to educational facilities to ensure meal programs that make a difference.We custom design solutions that work, and we deliver comfort and confidence.

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Prisons certainly have unique requirements when it comes to meal delivery. Ensuring that food can be served in an efficient manner, while considering the safety of those who serve the food is a primary concern for most facilities. We provide a safe and trustworthy plan for your  success.

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Our priority is to provide the equipment, systems and solutions that enhance the efficiency of food service to ensure every meal is delivered at its optimal temperature and that every client is absolutely satisfied.


For more than 25 years, Burlodge UK has helped clients realise their goals and set new standards in healthcare foodservice. Through dedication and innovation, we have grown to become the nation’s leader in meal delivery systems.

Simply put, we are passionate about what we do. We are driven by a desire to design, develop & support our products in a manner unparallelled by others. We foster an environment which allows us to make a real difference to our clients.

What Burlodge does differently indeed goes far beyond designing & manufacturing high performance foodservice equipment. We commit to lasting relationships which truly enables you to deliver quality meals, with confidence.

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