Featuring contemporary design, advanced technology, intelligent engineering and ergonomic features, B-Pod is a meal delivery system that represents the convergence of Burlodge ingenuity.

All these factors combine in helping food professionals better serve their clientele. Take the unique nesting system that uses a Base Station to maintain consistent convection heating and cooling. Once the Pod is nested, the Base Station exchanges its heating and cooling to the food on trays in the Pod below. The adaptable tray system can be individualised and transported from production to regeneration to service with a minimum of manipulation.


The advantages of the B-Pod’s integrated technology give service staff and catering managers alike advantages like never before. Built-in HACCP Monitoring ensures excellent food quality and safety, while the networking options through a LAN or WiFi connection means operators can interact with their fleet of equipment in real time using a centralised PC. On the B-Pod itself, the LCD Control Centre gives staff effortless fingertip functionality with three cycle touch pads, count down timer with hot and cold temperatures, audible alarm and automatic cycle timer with seasonal changes.


Safety & Ergonomics

The B-Pod’s unique manipulation-free nesting system allows the Pod to reside within the Base Station to effectively create a one-piece system. This approach eliminates the need for opening and closing of doors, as well as docking and inserting removable racks. With Base Stations mounted to the floor, and the ability to fit the Base Stations back-to-back, the B-Pod promotes a more efficient use of space for easier workflow.


Two sections comprise the B-Pod: the floor-mounted Base Station and the trayed meal transporting Pod component. As with all our equipment, the combination of advanced design using durable, lightweight materials distinguishes Burlodge in the workplace. Constructed from 304 stainless steel, the Base Station’s front and back decorative panels are made of anti-static high impact thermoplastic. A high velocity motor drives the unique vertical thermo-convection forced air ventilation system to ensure consistent and even heating and cooling within the B-Pod.

The Pod features 304 stainless steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum construction as well as high density insulation enclosed in the panels and doors to optimise temperature retention. Four heavy-duty castors ensure dependable manoeuvrability while the sizeable wrap-around rubber bumper protects against daily workplace wear-and-tear. In addition, the recessed handles and doors that open 270 degrees reflect how Burlodge endeavours to design equipment that complements and eases natural human movement.


Burlodge builds equipment that understands food professionals require equipment that can readily adapt to their evolving needs. The Base Station, for example, can be raised or lowered to accept either a short or tall Pod, thereby eliminating the need for additional capital investment if capacity requirements change.

The Pod features a central divider wall into which trays slide, creating two distinct sections on one tray. Food on one side is heated while the other side cools. Upon removing the tray, the divider wall closes and does not compromise the quality of heat or cold on each side of the unit.

Two different tray sizes can be housed within the unit: the 575 x 325mm tray has equally sized hot and cold sections; the 530 x 325mm can shift left and right within the Pod, which allows you to vary hot or cold sections. Trays are reversible and completely stackable and come in a variety of colours.

Finally, the B-Pod’s convection heating supports all types of dishware such as china and reusable plastics, high heat single use plastics and paper, as well as aluminum foil. It should be noted that convection heat allows for a greater variety of menu items, as this style of heat works with foods like breaded products, bone-in meats and can even regenerate beverages.

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