We have designed an easy-to-use system that takes the tray from the tray delivery area and delivers it to your patient. What if that same tray trolley just nested under a heating and cooling charger for 15 minutes to boost hot food and chill cold foods all on the same tray? From there one can travel with the trays inside a trolley that will maintain the hot and cold temperatures while in transit.

Burlodge B-Pod Boost ‘n Go is a new concept for heat and serve (hot trayline) applications. The system has been developed by the UK’s leader in meal delivery systems and uses the most technologically advanced equipment available. The biggest benefit of Boost ‘n Go is that hot foods are hot and cold foods are cold.

The operational process of Boost ‘n Go is to fill a tray trolley (the POD) with hot and cold food on the trays directly from the trayline. Take the POD to a Base Station (the heating and cooling unit) and nest the POD underneath. The Base Station will automatically begin sending hot convected air throughout one half of the tray trolley (the half that has the hot food on it) while the other half of the tray trolley receives cold air to keep the cold food cold. The Base Station actually boosts the temperatures so hot food gets hotter and cold food gets colder. This action puts energy back into the food that has been lost at the trayline. Let it boost for 15-20 minutes (20 minutes may be required if foods from trayline are below/above certain temperature minimums) and then de-nest the POD and take it to the floor for tray service. The Base Station is then vacant and can accept a new Pod from the trayline. The number of Base Stations you need is only determined by the speed of your trayline and the size of your operation. The process continues until all floors are served. Once meal service is complete, you can collect the soiled trays back on the POD or use a dedicated soiled handling trolley. The POD can be spray washed and sanitized ready for the next trayline and Boost ‘n Go procedure.

STEP ONE: Tray Line


STEP TWO: Nest Tray Cart (POD) Under Base Station- receive a 15 minute boost (hot and cold)


STEP THREE: De-Nest and take Pod to Ward for Tray Service


STEP FOUR: Tray Service (Hot food Hot and Cold food Cold)