The Optima RS cart is an innovative heated and refrigerated food cart developed to maintain hot and cold food temperatures. The design of the unique single tray system enables the delivery of plated meals on a one piece tray.

The Optima RS is the result of years of research and development, competitor benchmarking, and over 25 years of industry leading innovation and manufacturing. Burlodge has created the optimal solution for food service professionals. The Optima RS will keep meal components at serving temperature (both hot and cold) during holding in the kitchen, transport, and service.

Compared to traditional induction pellet systems, the Optima RS does not require specific tray ware components, specific support equipment, or heavy heated pellets. Moreover, the Optima RS keeps food cold without having to add expensive and clunky chill packs or cold base containers. It is an all-in-one solution. Plug it in, load your trays, hold in the kitchen, transport when ready and serve. You can even plug the Optima RS in at patient service levels to ensure food is kept hot and cold.

Features & Benefits

• Low noise emissions
• Made of 304 18/10 stainless steel and aluminium
• 4 castors (2 swivel and 2 fixed) for ease of movement and turns
• Magnetic latching doors with access to hot and/or cold sides of tray
• Easy to use controls with automatic start/stop and audible alarm
• Electrical connection to kitchen power to gain maximum heating and cooling capability
• Electrical connection at patient ward service area for temperature maintenance
• Removable side tray slides inside the unit to facilitate cleaning and maintenance
• Divider wall can be disassembled for deep cleaning, repair, maintenance
• Flat top to help transport other items to and from units
• Side shelf and push handle
• Mechanical/electrical side panel made of anti-static high impact thermoplastic.

Meal trays can be seen inside the Optima RS through protective magnet latching polycarbonate doors. At a glance, users know the status of each of their Optima RS carts without having to open doors and peek inside. Inside the Optima RS there is a divider wall that completely separates the hot from the cold side of each tray. The tray simply slides into the divider wall and there is no more handling. You can use a large style flat tray (575mm / 22.6” x 325mm/ 13”) or you can use a smaller size flat tray (530mm / 20.9” x 325mm/ 13 “).