When you demand hot food hot and cold food cold, and you want a lightweight and multi-purpose trolley, Ready to Serve Carbon Tech (RTS CT) is the solution.

Ready to Serve Your Need – Hotline or Cook Chill, the RTS can be manufactured to support any meal assembly process.

For hot meal assembly, the RTS has built in boosting capability, so you are assured of hot food outcomes while the onboard active chilling cold food enhances the dining experience.

In cook chill applications the RTS can be configured with single or double refrigeration for holding of cold plated foods in advance of heating. 

Moreover, the RTS accommodates this process with meals on a single tray and it can be located in an ambient space such as a kitchen or pantry.

The RTS has been designed with style and function in mind – the unique use of Carbon Fiber in the construction of the doors provides for a neutral but yet striking appearance, it also provides strength while reducing the overall weight of a typical stainless steel equivalent by as much as 15% providing an ideal ergonomic solution.

The cook chill system can be built to include a removable transfer rack (TransRack). The tray rack can float between the RTS CT Trolley and a mobile dolly. The dolly can be open (TransRack) or it can be enclosed (NaviRack). Either way, the RTS CT provides exceptional flexibility to meet the varied needs of the marketplace today and into the future.

Quality Construction

  • stainless steel interior and chassis
  • carbon fiber doors
  • top and side panels anti-static high impact thermoplastic
  • anti-microbial door latch
  • high density injected insulation throughout
  • wrap around bumper jet washable inside and out

Human Factor Friendly

  • 4 vertical handles
  • optional horizontal handle add-on
  • 15% lighter than the RTS stainless steel model
  • easy to manoeuvre
  • low noise emission
  • removable tray rack cassette optional for easy distribution

Convenient Sanitation Features

  • anti-bacterial door latch
  • jet washable inside and out – rated IP 55
  • water capture system and foot pedal drain release
  • removable ventilation panels (no tools required)
  • disassemble centre wall with no tools
  • frame gaskets easily removed and replaced by hand