When your operational food service delivery model requires a docking system, look to Burlodge for providing the best solution. The B-Smart represents the next generation of meal delivery system based on the ‘docking’ principle. This combination Docking Station and Insulated Tray Trolley embodies the deep experience, savvy design and solution-oriented thinking that epitomizes how Burlodge equipment distinguishes itself. Essentially, Burlodge has made docking smarter.  With both convected air heating and cooling for tray shuttles, we build flexibility right into your operation. Four-door design minimizes door swing concerns so you can keep fluid and functional in the tightest of spaces. And with a single docking station that supports a range of sizing and capacity options you can source the system that works best for you. Now that’s just a smarter way to do things, isn’t it?


The B-Smart is an innovative convected air heated and refrigerated meal delivery system for either cook-chill or temperature maintenance applications. The B-Smart is made up of two components, a Station and a Shuttle. The station is fitted with the heating, refrigeration and all mechanical parts while the shuttle is the tray transport trolley.  The two easily dock by simply pushing the shuttle against the station.  The Station is a truly mobile unit, it can be safely moved due to it’s unique, stable layout. It does not require floor attachment or feet as it is mounted on 4 adjustable wheels and is held in place using a wall mounted quick disconnect bracket system.


The B-Smart shuttle is a meal tray transport trolley. It is constructed from stainless steel and is durable yet lightweight, without any electrical or mechanical components. High density injected insulation enclosed in stainless steel side panels and doors enhance the temperature retention performance rating of the shuttle. The shuttle is easily maneuverable and can be mounted on 4 or 6 heavy duty double bearing casters. It is fitted with a heavy duty wrap-around plastic bumper. All shuttles dock to the same Station regardless of tray capacity. The shuttle easily docks to the Station with a magnetic catch and once docked, the Station automatically starts as programmed.


Maximizing the value of an investment is critical in today’s world. With B-Smart, the Docking Station connects to all size tray trolley. This provides optimal flexibility and as the needs of your service population change, there is no need to buy a new docking station if the capacity of your tray trolley increases. Smart ideas don’t stop there. The B-Smart Tray Trolley is available in two sizes: short and long. Both tray trolleys are the same height yet the short can hold 20, 24 GN trays or 36 Smart Trays and the long can hold 30 or 36 GN trays. The tray trolley walls are foamed injected with CFC free polyurethane foam insulation. Coupled with its carbon fiber doors, this makes the tray trolley lightweight yet so very durable.


The B-Smart introduces the easiest, most effective, and most reliable tray divider mechanism used in a tray trolley. The tray slides into the divider with ease and the spring loaded shutter bar firmly and evenly presses against the tray to ensure a perfect seal between hot and cold each and every time. When and if there is no tray in the slot, the spring loaded shutter keeps both sides separate without any manipulation or intervention by the operator. The divider wall is in one piece for rigidity and durability yet, can be removed by simply sliding the wall out and away from the tray trolley.


The B-Smart facilitates excellent human factor friendly interaction. The color coded gaskets (red and blue) provide immediate and recognizable visual cues related to hot and cold sections.  The smart placement of the control panel at the side of the docking system allows simple access without reaching or straining. In case of a need to clean and sanitize the area, the mobile docking system can be quickly moved out of the way and easily realigned again for use. Two doors on either side of the tray trolley makes for smart use of available door swing and related footprint within an operating space. The Tray Trolley has radius coved corners and the chamber floor is seamless making it easy to keep clean and sanitary. The smart use of air convection eliminates complex air ducting that can lead to accumulated soil build up.