The Cube is a safe and convenient way to accommodate up to 4 patient trays that require holding for extended times after normal tray distribution has been completed.

Holding both 530 mm & 575 mm Burlodge trays, the Cube can be used as a complement to any Burlodge tray delivery system or a dedicated piece of equipment for specific needs where meal consumption times are unpredictable.


The Cube is constructed of stainless steel, with insulated laminate panels and tempered glass doors. A central thermal barrier ensures the maintenance of temperatures on the hot and cold sides of the one piece tray. Hot air ensures safe food temperatures are retained without detriment to quality and safety and virtually any type of dishware can be used. Cold wall refrigeration provides consistent temperature holding of the cold meal components. Controls are easily visible with a digital readout of hot and cold temperatures.


• Maintains hot & cold temperatures when patients are unavailable at normal meal times
• Avoid wasted meals that have been held in unsafe conditions for later re-heating
• Minimise late trays and replacement trays due to patient unavailability
• Ideal for delivery and holding in areas with flexible or variable serving times
• Stackable for additional capacity needs within the same footprint
• Single phase power requirement easily accommodated in most locations
• Small foot print easily fits on a counter top – 675 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm


• 304 S/S with brushed finish
• Anti-vibration feet
• Two half doors for easy access
• 2.54cm recyclable insulation
• Automatic start timer
• Easy to read digital display
• Up to 4 tray capacity
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