It’s an evolution of our thinking. For you, a natural extension of your operation. The Multigen 106 delivers a new level of intelligence to multiportion point of service. And with it, the means to deliver excellent food quality. Developed for Cook- Serve, Cook-Chill and Cook-Freeze applications, it allows food portioning and distribution closer than ever to your patients. Choose either containers or pre-plated foods, as it supports both formats. By design the Multigen 106 interacts with greater clarity, offers intuitive functionality, manoeuvres with ease and provides absolute efficiency. Prepare for the next generation of food service, brought to you by Burlodge.

Efficient, human friendly design

Eye catching design is only a starting point. A closer look top to bottom reveals so much more about the sophisticated engineering. Built from lightweight yet durable material, the Multigen 106 features subtle refinements that enhance functionality. Mode lighting provides feedback and clearly communicates with users. LED illumination makes food look especially appetising against the heated dark counter. The result is a more efficient and appealing food service system.

Blue Cart On

Our mode lighting allows operators to quickly and efficiently interact with the Multigen 106. Blue indicates the trolley is switched on. 

Green Heating Cycle

Solid green signals the regeneration cycle is active. Flashing green means ready for service. 

Red Alarm

Red is the alarm status. Corrective actions are required to ensure service. 

Smart Design Engineered to move with you 

Smarter, safer and smoother to operate, the Multigen 106 champions form and function. Human friendly design elements combine with smart feedback features to promote more operational ease than ever. Consider how the Multigen 106 works better for you.

Simplicity is Key

Graphical interface and color-coded system status simplify operability.

Great Handling

Push and pull from either end and every angle with soft-grip handles.

Be Moved

Smooth rolling, tight turning and responsive mobility thanks to an offset four-wheel design. For site conditions that require

Cushioned Comfort

Shock absorbing molded bumpers cushion those unexpected impacts.

Simple Braking

Easy, natural access foot braking thanks to recessed sections in the cushioned wraparound bumper. 

At a Glance

Situated at eye level, the control panel reads clearly from a distance.

Visibly Obvious

Color coded gaskets clearly indicate hot and cold compartments in order to prevent errors and increase worker safety.

Easy Reach

An easy access oven maximizes safety.

See Clearly

Seeing the food reduces any need to open the door and interrupt the heating cycle.

A Touch of Brilliance 

Everything you need to know right in front of you. Highly intuitive and interactive – that sums up our simple to use touch screen control. The human friendly design features a pictorial interface that provides step-by-step guidance for preparing foods and tracking cycles. Easily visible from a distance, it communicates vital information in an instant: ready times for meals, operation in process, key trolley temperatures, colour coded alarms and any possible delays. Set the meal service time and the heating cycle initiates precisely when required. That level of control eases operations and strengthens every stage of the service.

Serve Up Smiles 

Food quality is everything. It ties directly to client satisfaction. Our intelligent convected oven technology, combined with smart controls and oven temperature dynamic feedback, can precisely split the temperature within one heating chamber. This allows for delicate and denser foods to achieve the preferred serving temperature at the same time. Prepare roast potatoes and pies alongside peas and rice, for example. It can even regenerate frozen and chilled food simultaneously. We’ve also developed a system to control the amount of steam in the chamber to improve food quality. As the company that originated dual oven technology, Burlodge helps your staff confidently serve up bigger smiles at every meal.

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