The Multigen Series is a multi-portion hostess trolley intended for cook-serve, cook-chill and cook-freeze food service applications.

Featuring Burlodge’s revolutionary dual-oven technology, the Multigen series lets food professionals regenerate products of different densities and textures to a consistent heat, ensuring optimum food quality every time. Another asset of the Multigen Series is the adaptability of the oven compartment which can be configured to various sizes to accommodate different meal arrangements.

The Multigen Series is comprised of four main units, all of which come with the option of refrigeration in the oven or ambient sections. These units include:

• Multigen S – a single compartment unit consisting of a 7 or 8 GN capacity dual oven chamber.

• Multigen XS – a two compartment unit consisting of a 4 GN capacity oven chamber and a 2 or 3 GN capacity ambient compartment.

• Multigen M – a two compartment unit consisting of a 7 or 8 GN capacity oven chamber and a 7 or 8 GN capacity ambient compartment

• Multigen L – a two compartment unit consisting of two 7 or 8 GN capacity oven chambers.


At Burlodge, we believe technology should speed and simplify food service. That sort of thinking inspires the design of our Multigen LCD Control Centre, a feature that incorporates the latest HACCP and SmartCard technologies.

That control is at your fingertips with our touchpad design, which lets you manage power, heating cycles, timers, hot top and lights. LCD displays alert users to hot and cold temperatures within the unit, along with error codes and other critical HACCP information.

With the Control Centre, users can also leverage the BNetWise+ system, a centralised monitoring feature that gives catering managers unprecedented access, insight and control over their fleet. Actions include cycle start and stop, event logging, programming and trolley cycle status. Moreover, this system can fully integrate with your existing network infrastructure, allowing for information transfer via secure Ethernet or WiFi network connections.

Safety & Ergonomics

Understanding natural body movement, the logistics of food delivery and how best to maximize capacity while minimizing a unit’s footprint – all these ideas are built into the Multigen Series.

Consider the Integrated Transport System (ITS), a feature that allows food to be loaded in the picking and packing area, and then transferred in a temperature controlled environment to a designated service point. The ITS then docks onto the Multigen and the racks are easily inserted into the oven or fridge with no manual lifting required.

The convenience of automatic cycle starts and preprogramming, in addition to the quality control assurance of regeneration on time, every time with minimal handling is a great benefit for food managers trying to juggle numerous responsibilities.

Of the many safety features built into the Multigen Series, one of the most prominent is the Air Curtain found above the oven door. This design minimizes the chance of steam rising into the operator’s face when the door is opened, while also curtailing the amount of hot air that escapes from the cavity.


The Multigen Series advances sleek, contemporary, functional design that’s engineered for the most rigorous conditions. Notable features include the curved, tempered glass sneeze-guard and stainless steel doors. The gantry houses the LCD Control Centre and Food Probe as halogen lights on the unit properly showcase food options. Operators have the option to place condiment containers on top of the gantry or the service railing, while cutlery and other important service items remain within easy reach.


As highly dependable and durable equipment that’s designed to handle the uncompromising pace of the high capacity food service industry, some of the more notable attributes of the Multigen include:

• Dual oven technology which substantially improves food quality, temperature and presentation
• Reduced energy consumption
• Minimal heat loss
• LCD Electronic Controls with HACCP and/or Online Monitoring System
• Smartcard User Access ID
• Cleaning Cycle
• Optional Gantry with heating and lighting system for enhanced food presentation and temperature retention
• Air Curtain System
• Temperature probe linked to menu with ½ degree accuracy