Hospital Caterers have many meal delivery solutions available to them such as: hotline, cook-chill and cook-freeze. Burlodge have been at the forefront of innovative meal delivery solutions in recent years and the Burlodge Multi-Cook system is no exception.

Nutritionally balanced meals which are plated on plastic plates sealed and delivered ready for heating, have become increasingly popular in hospitals. The Burlodge Multi-Cook is a complete system that has been designed to cook pre-plated meals and desserts in one cycle. The unique air circulation gives the chamber of the oven even heat distribution.

Burlodge Multi-Cook will ensure that your patient’s meal time runs smoothly, efficiently and professionally. This is achieved through the simplicity of the system and the logical work flow from catering delivery to patients receiving their meal via a host/ess.

Burlodge Multi-Cook allows for the complete patient’s meal commodities to be stored in one place. This gives a professional appeal and assists the host/ess to be more efficient and organised when delivering patient meal services.

Unique Benefits and Applications

  • Heating and hot holding of foods is accomplished by using forced air convection with its unique air circulation system giving even heat distribution
  • Meal on Demand – Option
  • Space efficient meal assembly unit
  • Organised and standardised
  • User friendly standard meal service
  • Speedy service once meals are cooked
  • Dual purpose mobile tray racks for delivery and collection of patients trays
  • Standards for transport and ward kitchen design
  • Energy efficient with single phase 13 amp plugs
  • Exceptional meal quality and temperature
  • Cooking up to 28 hot meals and desserts at the same time
  • Fridge and lockable ambient cupboard
  • HACCP monitoring.


Burlodge Multi-Cook gives you the savings on labour, space, energy and efficiency which are associated with a pre-plated meal operation. The oven used in our system enables the meal to be cooked to an exceptional quality, keeping its colour and nutrients. The forced air convection oven with its unique air circulation creates even heat distribution and will assist with further menu development. The Burlodge Multi-Cook system eliminates condensation and therefore supports baked and fried products.

Burlodge have worked closely with hospital caterers for many years and we understand that one system does not necessarily suit all; therefore the Burlodge Multi-Cook can be specified to fit your service.

Ancillaries and Accessories Include


  • 7 – 10 grid oven
  • Fridge/ freezer and ambient cupboard
  • 16 level tray rack
  • Transport dollies
  • Low level plate covers
  • Plates, bowls and lids
  • Trays
  • Jugs for custard, gravy

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