What Burlodge does differently goes far beyond designing and manufacturing equipment.

Yes, we’ve garnered an excellent standing among institutional food service professionals for our extensive range of products that accommodate hot-line, cook-serve and cook-chill applications. However, we further distinguish ourselves by partnering with clients to design customised meal delivery systems. Regardless of the size of their operation, we aim to optimise each client’s resources and streamline their food service logistics so they get the most out of our machinery, as well as their staff.

A History of Excellence

Since 1987, we’ve established a considerable international presence in the healthcare field while steadily solidifying our position in other institutional realms, including education, prisons and more. Moving forward, it is the combined challenge of consistently refining our equipment and adapting to our clients’ evolving needs that has made us the name of choice wherever our products and services are found.

With commitment, experience and talented people we provide innovative feeding systems that enable our customers to deliver quality meals, with confidence.

For Burlodge, the issue is simply this…

Every day millions of people entrust thousands of our clients to serve them a perfectly heated or chilled meal. In some cases, up to three times a day. So every day we manufacture food regeneration and distribution equipment that performs, we custom design solutions that work, and we deliver comfort and confidence. In short, we aim to put millions of smiles on those faces and assure those thousands of clients that choosing Burlodge equipment is one of the smartest decisions they ever made.