BCloud – our next generation HAACP monitoring and reporting system designed to give food service managers unparalleled operational control of their equipment.

HACCP Compliance B-Cloud Icon

HACCP Compliance

Proactively reduce food safety risks and ensure ongoing compliance via improved visibility into everyday operations of your meal delivery equipment.

Notification Alerts B-Cloud Icon

Notification Alerts

Set notifications and manage by exception adding integrity to your HACCP Program and while monitoring your meal delivery system from a single platform.

Cloud Based Connectivity B-Cloud Icon

Cloud Based Connectivity

Centralised access to your fleet of Burlodge equipment via current web browsers on any device without requiring installation of a client application or annoying updates to the software.

Remote Access Control B-Cloud Icon

Remote Access Control

Use the virtual control panel of each connected trolley as if you were in front of it from anywhere on the internet. Power trolleys on/off as well as initiate and configure programming.

Review Cart Events icon B-Cloud Icon

Review Trolley Events

Real-time insights into your program compliance, allowing you to better manage your food safety protocols. Historical event tracking for effective analysis.

Multiple Device Access B-Cloud Icon

Multiple Device Access

Gain access from any device and from multiple sites throughout your organization and connect to BCloud in real-time to view current status, activity logs or current programming parameters.

Groundbreaking Credibility

Burlodge was the first Meal Delivery Equipment Company to develop an integrated HACCP tool for its equipment. In 1998, the company launched H.I.T. (HACCP Information Technology) along with paperless food temperature probing. This technology not only helped manage food safety protocols like HACCP more effectively, but it also improved regulatory compliance and food quality at the point of service. In 2005, Burlodge built on H.I.T. and unveiled BWise which effectively replaced the six-year-old HACCP tool with yet another first for the market – a real-time monitoring system for meal delivery trolleys using WIFI/LAN.

Fleet Management is Looking Up at Burlodge

Burlodge introduces BCloud, our next generation HAACP monitoring and reporting system designed to give food service managers unparalleled operational control of their equipment. As the name suggests, BCloud harnesses cloud computing to provide the accessibility and reliable security professionals expect.

BCloud offers speed, flexibility and simplicity for those who oversee meal delivery systems. This allows for real time fleet management from a desktop/laptop or handheld device while there’s no need to undertake software installations or updates. Stay connected to each cart, monitor performance, modify programming on the fly and receive notifications, tailored to your individual site needs, of non-conformities.

Detailed information is compiled and communicated with absolute ease. The visual interface allows busy operators to gauge and understand status reports in an instant. Accessibility is managed with various user profile giving different degrees of access

BCloud does precisely what advanced technology needs to do in today’s demanding service environments. It centralises control, delivers clear, insightful information to wherever it is needed, and it optimises both equipment and team performance ultimately ensuring a higher level of patient satisfaction…


Be in the know, right now, with BCloud.