Every day millions of people entrust thousands of our hospital clients to serve them a perfectly heated or chilled meal.So, every day we manufacture food regeneration and distribution equipment that performs beyond expectations.

Our priority at Burlodge is to provide food delivery trolleys that enhance the efficiency of food service to ensure every meal is delivered at its optimal temperature and that every client is absolutely satisfied.
Our food delivery trolleys operate in hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, prisons and care homes.
Whether your establishment regenerates frozen, cold or hot meals individually or in multi-portion containers, Burlodge is able to offer you the best food delivery trolley to suit your needs.

Tray Delivery

B-Pod | Cold Plating

RTS HL | Hot Plating

B-Pod Boost’n’Go | Hot Plating

RTS CT | Hot & Cold Plating

Novaflex | Cold Plating

Optima RS | Hot Plating

Bulk Delivery

Multigen | Hot & Cold Plating

Multi-Cook | Hot & Cold Plating