Equipment that works for you

Equipment that works for you

One trolley, two independent chambers and four doors mark a revolutionary development for our industry.

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All on one tray

The Most Perfectly Practical Trolley

Logiko manages both hot and cold food temperatures all on one tray.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Performance revolution

The cart has personality.

Constantly and silently communicating to its operator using color coded lighting and/or showing its status via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet.

The smallest cart

Maximum working comfort

The smallest cart

Logiko is perfect for hot serve tray assembly and distribution.

It is the smallest cart on the market with a wide range of capacities.

No more contamination

No more contamination

Cleaner than you think

Numerous anti-microbial touchpoints and Touchless IQ-Control restrict cross-contamination.

The trolley is jet washable and the quick-removal ventilation panels allow for thorough cleaning.

The next step

Perfect for room service applications

Raise the bar in small clinics, hospitals, and retirement facilities when needing to hold and distribute meals during meal periods.

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