There are many reasons why you can expect more from a relationship with Burlodge.

Innovation is a tradition in our ever-developing organisation; we have been, and continue to be, an international leading manufacturer of meal distribution systems. We owe this status to you, because you demand the “Flexible Solutions” we offer. By listening more attentively, planning more carefully, investing more, and looking differently at problems, Burlodge is able to come up with solutions to better meet your requirements.

The Burlodge organisation is a global knowledge network.  Close consultation with partners and clients, and constructive input from thousands of end users contribute to the complete quality we aim to achieve. Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the solution that best meets your needs.

An investment proves itself over time.

In Institutional Food Service durability is a very fundamental requirement. For all food service managers, a fast return on investment must be sustained by the “value added” a system offers. Burlodge subscribes to that view by making products with a  long life cycle, in technology as well as construction.

Good, functional and sturdy design combined with the best materials means the quality is built in. Process control and certification guarantee that quality- Burlodge manufactures to ISO 9003 and ISO 14001. Burlodge is very selective where materials are concerned. Stainless steel, tough plastics, and stylish chinaware: after many years of use, still as good as new.

Our global organisation with years of experience has more to offer.

Like no other, the Burlodge Group knows the opportunities and bottlenecks in meal distribution. That makes our approach more goal-oriented, the implementation easier, and prevents problems in daily practice. From tender to after sales service, and from general concept to the smallest detail, the Burlodge experience constitutes your built-in security and contributes to  your success.  You can rely on that.

With a constant drive for renewal and improvement, Burlodge is always developing new systems. Innovations meet obvious goals. Savings of energy and staff costs, a more patient-oriented application and better presentation, user friendly and time saving improvements, an increase in the possibilities for application and distribution: every problem deserves a tailor-made solution. Innovation starts with your questions.