The true character of a company is revealed in how it works.

More to the point, in how it works with clients. With the untold challenges of managing food service operations, Burlodge complements its diverse product mix with a staff largely comprised of former food service professionals, including chefs from healthcare, dietitians, catering managers and more. Who better to address the issues and devise the solutions than those professionals who have earned their way on the front line of the industry?

Furthermore, drawing from our network of global knowledge, we readily share our expertise throughout the company. The lessons of one market help us to improve in others, which for our clients means we comprehend the problems and avoid the pitfalls that can transpire before they become unmanageable. It is in speaking the language that our clients understand best that Burlodge translates experience and know-how into success.

The Burlodge difference is people.

At Burlodge UK, we take pride in our comprehensive training programs and have the staff who are able to effectively support your unique needs. Burlodge is an International Company who manufactures, distributes, and supports its equipment. When Burlodge Clients purchase Burlodge equipment their equipment is made to order by our Burlodge Manufacturing Plant in Bergamo, Italy.

Burlodge staff install the Customer’s equipment. Furthermore, Burlodge continually supports the Client and the Burlodge Equipment. In short, Burlodge manufactures and supplies equipment, and supports clients in healthcare (Acute, LTC, Rehabilitation, Psychiatric) facilities, Prisons, Retail, Educational and universities, day-care centres, and large food production centres.