Organisations covered by this Policy:

  • Ali UK Limited
  • Burlodge Group Limited
  • Burlodge Limited

Hereafter referred to as the ‘Company’.

1) Scope

Following the adoption of the revised EU Regulation governing companies’ responsibilities towards handling and safekeeping personal data, the Company has reviewed its policy in this area.

Replacing the previous Data Protection Act (1998), the General Data Protection Regulations were made UK law as the Data Protection Act (2018) on 25thMay 2018, and applies a more stringent obligation on how companies collect, store, protect and use customer data, whether in its capacity as a Controller, or as a Processor (an organisation that handles data on behalf of a Data Controller).

Data Protection Officer

Under the Regulations, the nature of the Company’s activities do not require it to appoint a nominated Data Protection Officer, with responsibility for maintaining the integrity and security of all such confidential information held and processed by the Company.

2) About the data we hold

2.1 Types of data defined by the Act

Personal data: information relating to living individuals, e.g. names, addresses, financial details, email, CCTV, IP addresses.

Includes anything that identifies a living individual, such as names, addresses, email addresses of clients.

Sensitive Personal Data: includes medical records, religion, political opinions. There are additional obligations where sensitive personal data is held.

Personal data will be extended under the GDPRs to include biometric and genetic data, as well as any data which allows any living person to be identified, which covers Unique IDs (UID) such as those found in cookies, device IDs (such as IMEI number on a mobile device) and IP addresses.

Commercially sensitive information: commercial customers, pricing, customer relationships, supplier chain and costs, etc.

Confidential information: customers’ systems, business information, trade secrets, bid responses, proposed acquisitions or mergers.

2.2 Data types held by the Company

Business Information

The Company gathers information in the course of conducting its business about each site and the equipment held at each site we work with, and from the suppliers we contract with to provide the goods and services.We hold this information as appropriate: records of equipment and any maintenance provided, as well as delivery, invoicing and payment history. In the course of this business, commercially sensitive information is learned, but this is not our business, and is only recorded electronically where it impacts on the correct functioning of our contract with the customer.

Business Contact details

In the course of our business we build up a network of contacts at our supplier and customer organisations. This information is limited to contact details provided by their employer or business, and retained for the purposes of facilitating the conduct of business.

Personal Information

Personal information, including some sensitive personal information, is retained for the purposes of employment of staff. This is restricted to the information we need to know to comply legally with the law and is secured and protected unless required for a business purpose, for which the individual has either given explicit consent or this information is otherwise available to the Company.

2.3 Cookies on our website

Cookies are small text files which contain a small amount of information that is downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, or visit another website which recognises that cookie, your device is able to communicate with the website and the website can read the information held in that cookie.

We use Cookies to help you efficiently browse our websites: Cookies allow us to optimise how your device displays the site and may be used as part of your wider use of the internet to provide you with information and show content relevant to you. We also use Cookies to analyse how our customers interact with our websites so we can improve the customer journey.

Cookies collect information about how visitors use our Websites. They allow us to count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around our Websites. In this way Cookies help us to improve the way our Websites work (e.g. by ensuring that users are finding what they are looking for easily) and to recognise when error messages are being received. The cookies on our site do not collect any information that could identify you.

We do not use Performance Cookies to collect personal information.

3) Our Commitment

The Company considers each agreement – from a Framework contract with large customers down to a Purchase order for a single trolley maintenance agreement – a partnership, and treats all information generated under these agreements with the same diligence. This includes site arrangements and employee contact information.

This is also true of the data we hold for those on our team, and all such data is held in the same utmost respect, and is only retained and released for authorised purposes.

It is unlikely that the Company will have cause to send any sensitive data to an organisation in another  country, but should the requirement arise, no such data will be transferred outside the United Kingdom and European Union without the express consent of those organisations or individuals concerned, without ensuring the proper security of such data.

We will also identify those suppliers or service providers who are affected by the obligations under this legislation, and ensure that they also comply to equally stringent standards of protection and care.

‘Right to be forgotten’:

One of the key principles of the GDPR regulations is that an individual can request and expect that the data we hold on them will be deleted, such that they are not targeted or monitored in any way when they have requested that we no longer have any right to hold their information. Although this data is only retained for the conduct of our business, and not for any marketing or other unessential contact, we accept this right, and will do all that is necessary to delete any such information that we are not required to retain by the wider legal framework in which we operate.

In the event of a data breach:

We work hard to avoid any data breach, and try to hold only a minimum of Personal Information, but we must accept that data security is an area that is always evolving.

Should we discover the data we hold has been compromised in any way, we shall draw up rapid and appropriate responses, including but not necessarily limited to:

i) Take immediate steps to block any further breaches;

ii) Identify what type and to what extent data has been compromised, and assess the implications;

iii) Inform on an ongoing basis those affected of what data has been stolen and what the implications for them as individuals are; and where appropriate assist the individuals affected to prevent further ramifications from the data loss;

iv) Inform the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) [Telephone: 0303 123 1113] of the data breach and of the steps taken to remedy the situation and inform those affected, with the following information:

  • what has happened;
  • when and how we found out about the breach;
  • the people that have been or may be affected by the breach;
  • what we are doing as a result of the breach; and
  • whom the ICO should contact if they need more information and who else we have told.


Policy date:                  14th September 2020                 Version Number                 1.1

Next review date:        9th  July 2021