SDX box is a broad range of insulated transport trolleys for all food transportation needs. Reliable, well-designed, while still light-weight, SDX box offers many advantages far beyond the traditional hot and cold holding units. From the moment the food leaves the kitchen until served, it is stored safely and in the best way possible.

SDX box S – Neutral

A full range of thoroughly insulated box options with no technology. 

What does neutral mean? The simple S-box keeps hot food hot by way of insulation only. For a cold insulated box, add additional cooling by way of eutectic plates. The high pressure, foamed in place polyurethane insulation bonds the outer and inner containers to a strong and well-insulated unit. The S-box is perfect for holding food that is to be served cold or hot, or for the transport and storage of food to be heated later.

Available sizing: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 24, 36 x GN 1/1 (or full size hotel pan) 

SDX box K – Compressor Cooling

Extremely efficient compressor cooling accounts for the highest standards of refrigeration.

With convected air cooling to rapidly cool the trolley, a fan circulates cold air which allows for uniform temperatures throughout the box. The circulating cooled air creates a cold buffer around each level of the food which eliminates undesirable fluctuations in temperature. The K-box is perfect for both food that is to be served cold or the transport and storage of food to be heated at a later stage in the process.

Available sizing: 6, 8, 10, 12 x GN 1/1 (or full size hotel pan) 

SDX box F – Convection Heating

Convection heating with added value and many benefits such as short heating time and a hot air fan to compensate temperature losses.

Built with an efficient convection heat system and fan to provide a uniform temperature throughout the box. The circulation of hot air provides an even temperature range that minimizes temperature fluctuations. The F-box is ideal for storing hot food where the quality of the food is maintained during transport.

Available sizing: 6, 8, 10, 12 x GN 1/1 (or full size hotel pan) 

SDX box KF – Compressor Cooling and Convection Heating Combination

Transport and storage of both hot and chilled food in the same unit.

Compressor cooling and convection heating combined in one unit. Thermo Convection technology ensures the quality and consistency of the heat and chill function. SDX box helps your staff to serve excellent meals at the right temperatures while using ergonomically safe equipment that is flexible in application and simple to operate. The KF-box is perfect for hot and cold foods needing to be delivered at the correct temperatures.

Available sizing: 12, 20, 24 x GN 1/1 (or full size hotel pan) 

Portable SDX box

The portable SDX box unit is designed to be compatible with GN 1/1 pans (or full size hotel pans). Aluminum exterior with an eccentric lock and fully welded interior with polyurethane insulation are only some of the benefits. Plastic stacking corners with stainless steel fittings and stainless steel carry handles come standard. Optional dollies are available to assist in the transportation.

Available sizing: 4 x GN 1/1 (or full size hotel pan) 

Features and Benefits

Careful design down to the smallest detail.

It’s the details that can make all the difference:

  • Ergonomically designed handles with locking function, double locking bolts and durable gaskets
  • High quality, foamed in place insulation that minimizes wall thickness
  • Doors that open to an angle of 270 degrees
  • Non-protruding, long lasting hinges 
  • Patented electrical systems assures the highest food quality is maintained
  • Durable and smooth running casters
  • Pressed seamless tray/pan slides to enable smooth handling and cleaning with no sharp edges
  • Fully welded stainless steel interior

Correct Temperature

The single most important factor for preserving the freshness of food is the temperature. SDX box uses a patented electrical system with electronic temperature control. This system keeps the temperature within the desired limits, with minimal temperature fluctuation. Combined with very effective insulation, the SDX box system provides food quality that will be appreciated by your clients.

Low Energy Consumption

To ensure the best insulation properties, the boxes are insulated with polyurethane, which expands under high pressure and combines the outer and inner containers to form a strong and well insulated unit. This ensures that the food is stored at the correct temperature with very low power consumption and minimal operating costs.

Ergonomic and Economic

The functional and straightforward design in combination with the free-rolling wheels makes transport simple and ergonomic. SDX box is designed to be compact and lightweight, which minimizes the space required during both storage and transport.

Hygienic Food Handling

The completely stainless steel interior with no joints or recesses is the obvious choice for hygienic food handling. Pressed stainless steel tray guides is a unique feature that delivers unmatched durability, increased safety and simplified cleaning on a smooth and sealed surface, without any cracks. An improvement that also makes it easier for the user to maintain good hygiene.

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